Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Steph's "Finish it February (hypothetically speaking)"

The other day, I had the idea of having a theme for myself this month. "Finish it February." The (hypothetical) idea was to make some serious headway into projects that have spent too long on the needles. If I didn't actually finish a project for the month, at least I would be a bit closer.

The highest priority of "Finish it February" is a sweater for my husband that's been on the needles since December 2011. He asks about this sweater... oh, about once a week, on average. The frequency is directly related to 1.) how cold it is outside and 2.) how often I have a sweater of my own on the needles. 

The only other project I had in mind this month is a lace cardigan for myself. It's only been on the needles since September, but it would be a very nice cardigan to have for the early spring weather that seems to be happening these days.

So those are the two projects that will hopefully have most of my focus this month. I think I threw in the word "hypothetical" enough to give me an out. I could accomplish my goals if I set my mind to it and if I don't get distracted, but I might not have as much fun. And that's not what knitting is all about.

Speaking of distracted (and fun!), about 12 hours after I hypothetically declared "Finish it February", I cast on a new project. Jaywalker socks in a great self-striping yarn that I picked up at Kid 'N Ewe this past fall. You know, a little side treat to keep my slogging through all that sweater knitting.

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