Friday, February 8, 2013

Stacie's Knitting: Too Much Going? Nah!

8 February 2013

I have a few several project on the needles at this time and I've made the intention to finish item UFO's (UnFinished Objects) from my "Area 51" instead of casting on new project willy-nilly. I've made pretty good strides in this direction and let me tell you what I have going at this time.

Vice Covet YarnsOur knitting group, SnB281, is hosting a shawl knit along (KAL) for the months of January and February and we choose Trousseau by Carol Fellers. I am knitting it in a beautiful bright caribbean blue by Vice Yarns in the Covet base which is a 2 ply 100% lace weight merino in a generous 750 yard put up. Trousseau is a lovely semi circular shawl with multiple sections of alternating lace that leans to the right and then to the left and so on. Each section gets progressively deeper and wider, of course, and it is gorgeous. However, I'm just not really into it at this time. I think my attention had been grabbed by a scrumptious pair of long socks and I may end up frogging this beautiful yarn to make something that suits it better. Vice reminds me of Wollmeise in its tight twist and I believe it will make texture pop. I will keep my eye out for a suitable pattern; let me know if you have a good suggestion.

BrazenStitchery Tardis Self Striping Yarn
About the long socks, I just finished knitting the Afterthought Heel  pattern by Laura Linneman in BrazenStitchery's Tardis sock in the Self Striping Sock base which is seriously yummy! It is a 2 ply 100% superwash merino and is bouncier and stretchier than most sock yarns with nylon! I simply love them. I'm using Knit Picks Stroll in Fiesta for the toes, heels and top of cuff. This is my first time to use Stroll and I am enjoying knitting with it. I will let you know how it holds up once I get the socks in use. They are currently blocking and I ended up knitting an 11.5" cuff and I still have yarn left over!

Kai Mohair Ranch 100% 2ply MerinoPomme de Pin Cardigan  by Amy Christophers which is an all over pine cone lace cardigan in a natural 100% merino sport weight yarn by Kai Ranch has been on the needles since December 1st. I picked this yarn up for a steal from the Kid n Ewe fiber festival in Boerne last November and cast on almost immediately but I've stalled out on the sleeves. It is a nice yarn that came in generous put up hanks of 580+ yards each so at least there won't be as many ends to weave in.

A sweet friend of mine from knitting group knits most of her projects for other people. When she told me she was starting another charity blanket, I volunteered to knit a strip for her. Not surprisingly, four more generous knitters from our group offered their services as well! So, we all cast on last Saturday the Knit Textured Afghan and I have currently knit two of six squares. It is a very soothing knit and I'm so glad to be helping both a friend and a charity.

Lorna's Laces Helen's LaceThe last item that has taken my attention away from the Trousseau is an adaptation of the Tibetan Clouds Beaded Stole by Sivia Harding out of a luxurious skein of  Lorna's Laces in the Satsuma colorway  in the Helen's Lace base which is a really lovely lace weight 50/50 merino and silk yarn. This is a UFO that has languished since February 2012. I knit the center panel but instead of using the pattern as written I'm inserting a simple wheat lace pattern on two opposite sides to make short sleeves that will be seamed to make a shrug. Last week at knitting group, I came across a major tangle in the cake of yarn and set it aside, again. Hopefully, I can get this tangle straightened out quickly and I can resume knitting with this otherwise gorgeous yarn.

Once I finish the Pomme de Pin cardigan I will give myself permission to cast on a new pair of socks and the Blaithin Cardigan by Kate Davies or maybe the Champagne pullover by Thea Coleman as it is already getting warm here in Texas! As for the socks, I'm torn between several patterns: Skew, Twisted Spine, Show Off Stranded, Nine to Five, or Polly Jean. I have quite a bit of sock yarn that needs knitting, as you can imagine, and starting a new pair in February will help me get in the mood for the Month of Socks which will be March. I will knit socks and only socks for the whole month! maybe

What are you knitting?

*Note: all links are Ravelry links. If you don't have Ravelry, you might not be able to see them, sorry. And also, why in the world don't you have a Ravelry account yet?! Get one! It's life-changing!

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