Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Domain!

Hey everyone! We now have our very own domain name! Maintaining our own domain name makes it easier for us to host the podcast, since all of our stuff is in one spot, plus it's easier for you to remember a more simplified web address.

We are now at:

Please update your bookmarks and/or feed readers, as we will no longer be updating this blog.

Also, we are (again) now in iTunes. Unfortunately, we had to delete the original podcast and resubmit. If you'd like to keep up with the podcast via iTunes or other podcast listening software, you'll need to subscribe again.

Please take a moment to leave us a star rating and a review! We really appreciate it.

We will still be embedding the podcast videos on our new site, so you can watch that way if you choose to do so.

Thanks, everyone, for sticking around as we worked through these growing pains. We love our fellow Must Stashers!

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